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Fountain Garden
A wealth of impressive facilities that soothes the mind and body with three pampering Coves for relaxation, rejuvenation, and plenty of “me” moments.
Your perfect pampering days

Feel right at home at the Fountain Cove, where the gurgling Fountain Plaza provides a soothing and welcoming presence. Immerse in the moment with your favourite book under the Fountain Cove.

Relive your memories of luxury holidays at the Spa Cove, where you can indulge in the Spa Cabana, Spa Seats in the Spa Pool or enjoy a siesta at the Hammock Garden.

Take fitness to a new level at the Energy Cove with its 50-metre Lap Pool, surrounded by a generous Water Deck and Pool Deck. A Reading Lounge and Living Patio offer residents an expansive view of the impressive pool.