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Springwater Garden
Springwater Garden. An abundance of nature’s best offerings that welcomes you warmly into three tranquil and family-friendly Coves for days and nights, filled with bliss and peace.
Your complete chill-out experience

The Water Play Cove provides ample relaxation space. Enjoy the sunny afternoons at the Water Play Pavilion and Pool, or apprieciate the serenity of nature in the swaying Hammock Garden.

Weekends are best spent at the Family Cove, where your family will delight in the Picnic Lawn, Koi Pond and children’s playground in the Spring Garden

The Spring Cove features the best ways to unwind. The Spring Cove offers a holistic experience with its Aquatic Pond and Heated Spa Pool, while the Spring Villa with a waterfront setting and a private Fragrance Garden serves your entertainment needs luxuriously.