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Every day, technology advances to bring innovations that help human beings in their daily tasks. Tools and equipment emerge that automate activities and are able to facilitate life in all aspects, places and occasions.

In condominiums it is no different.

Technology has brought to the condominiums, devices that provide practicality in performing tasks. Through automated processes, residents, landlords and employees have more safety and convenience in the execution of basic day-to-day procedures.

In this article, we will talk about how the use of technology and automations transform and can improve the routine in the condominium.

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Virtual Interphone

The interphones are tools known by all and are not really a novelty. However, as well as many resources adopted years ago, the interphones have also been able to go through evolutions.

Today, there are virtual interphones that are connected to the smartphones of residents and landlords through applications. In the manager version of the building, the phones of the residents are added, which will have access to the functions of residents in the app.

Thus, residents are able to add numbers that can get in touch with the ordinance quickly, if any. The greatest benefit is for those who will visit the condominium. By pressing the number of the apartment or house, the equipment makes a direct call to the phone of the resident.

This way, even if they are not at home, the condominium members can respond to the actions that occur in the ordinance.

With the resource, the residents and the employees of the condominium have more comfort and security. They can answer the call to receive an order and pass delivery instructions elsewhere, if necessary, for example.

Another positive point is that any suspicious call to residents can be identified, allowing security and even the police to be activated.

Communication Applications

Today, condominiums can benefit from simple but efficient technological services in their routine. In this sense, communication apps are important innovations that make life easier for everyone.

The residents of condominiums assisted by Aster, for example, have access to the E-portaria application. With it, condominium members and landlords have greater control of entry and exit of the condominium, and can schedule the access of visitors to speed up the process, including on festive occasions and events, providing virtual keys or QRcodes that can automatically release visitors without losing security.

To do so, just access “forecast visit”. In the area, the resident registers the visitor’s information, the day and time that he will go to the condominium. This identification helps to automate the release of the guest, in addition to ensuring more safety and convenience for the condominium members.

In addition, it is possible to register the list with the residents of each apartment, as well as the license plate of their cars and update the registration data with photo, facilitating the process of access control in the building.

Employees also benefit from the use of the platform. For this, the resident must register the service providers or domestic employees who attend the condominium. By filling out the information with the days and times of visit, access will be authorized quickly.

Finally, the application allows access to the condominium’s main cameras, allowing residents to view the accesses and common areas, helping to control, preserve and secure the space.