Drainage pump for air conditioning

Drainage pump for air conditioning

This is an increasingly important accessory in the installation of air conditioning units. Therefore, today we will know everything about the air conditioning drainage pump.

Air conditioning drainage pump

If you’re looking for a useful addition to your HVAC unit, the Silent Air Conditioning Drain Pump is for you.

What is an air conditioning dewatering pump?

An air conditioning dewatering pump, also called a condensate pump, is the best choice when there is a problem with the drainage level of an air conditioning unit. We are talking about any case in which water needs to be moved against gravity or with a very distant path for its adequate drainage.

In this way, the air conditioning drainage pump is an equipment specially designed to suck the water that should go to the drainage of an air conditioning system. Therefore, its task is to raise or push the condensation water that the air conditioning unit produces.

Currently, the air conditioning drainage pump is one of the most common accessories for the proper functioning of this kind of equipment.

What is the air conditioning drainage pump used for?

The air conditioning drainage pump is useful in a variety of systems, not only in cooling units, but also in heating units. The main use of this accessory is precisely its capacity to evacuate water generated by condensation in those cases where gravity is zero or negative.

Thus, condensate pumps can be used when the drainage level is above the air conditioning equipment. Also in buildings where external drains are not allowed.

How does the air conditioning drainage pump work?

Air conditioners condense water, collect it and channel it to a drain. Before the existence of the air-conditioning drainage pump, air-conditioning systems collected the condensation liquid by means of a pipe that flowed into a container. Then, the user had to empty it when it was full.

The condensate pump takes care of collecting the water, without producing overflows, as it is easily connected to the unit after a simple installation inside the equipment’s own chute.

In this way, the operation of the air conditioning drainage pump consists of sucking and pushing the water from the unit to the drain. To do this, it has a detector that indicates when the liquid limit has been exceeded and it is time to evacuate it. With this signal emitted by the detector, the pump’s motor is activated and it is responsible for pushing the water to the drainage system or the end point of the drainage.

Types of air conditioning drainage pumps

Like all accessories that have been on the market for some time, the air conditioning drainage pump has grown in quality and variety.

Today you can find different types of condensate pumps, but there are two options that stand out notably. We talk about the mini pumps and the external pumps.

Mini pump: silent air conditioning drainage pump

Among the most widely used models, especially for domestic equipment, the mini pump, also known as the silent air conditioning drainage pump, is recognized for its small size and because its noise level is minimal.

The silent air-conditioning drainage pump is ideal not only because of its low noise level, but also because it is installed inside the actual duct of the air-conditioning unit. This allows it to be fully integrated into the system and therefore hidden, without affecting the aesthetics of the equipment.

The silent air-conditioning drainage pump is a reduced size pump, but with excellent lifting power. This kind of condensate pump is usually made up of two components: the pump and the float or buoy. There are also even more compact models that have a single piece.

The pump is the motor that sucks and pushes the water from the unit to the drain. This is the part connected to the electrical network and is also connected to the buoy to detect when it should start to operate.

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