Adulting 101: A Review of Your First Kinza Bath Towel

Adulting 101: A Review of Your First Kinza Bath Towel

At first you might think that transitioning to adulthood requires only for you to pay bills on time, buy your own groceries, and be more responsible for your own finances. Yes, nothing’s wrong with these but unpopular to many, adulting also includes other simple things like buying items based on quality and not by how much you will be saving for it.

We hate to break it to you but adulting may come with some of the hardest decisions in life, and sometimes adult decisions include choosing the best bath towel for you, as young professional adults. You should know that you are entitled to things that are of the best quality. 

When looking for the right bath towel, you should know that there are no distinct criteria to guide you through it. More often than not, it is largely based on personal preferences. However, one thing is for certain, you should never think of jeopardizing the quality with the price. 

With that said, we proceed to the part where you gradually know your bath towels and see if Kinza bath towels are the right towel for you. 

Points to Look Out for When Buying Towels

Here are some points you need to consider when purchasing your bath linens:


When we speak of towels, durability is the most important thing that you have to consider. This is because when a towel is durable, it means that it is economical and sustainable. When choosing the most durable towel, you need to look at the materials used in the production process. Make sure that you choose a towel that will last a long time. 


Leaning to a more aesthetic factor of choosing your own towels, you need to take into account the stitchings that are present in your towel options. 

You want it to coincide with your personality and bathroom stylistic features. With that, you might want to be informed that towels vary in various aspects like the way it is woven, their textures, embellishments, patterns, styles, and color. 

If you are more of a minimalist person, go with neutral color, while if you are on the fun side, then there will be plenty of options for you. Do take note that this element should not be your ultimate deciding factor. 


Another factor to consider is the absorbency of the bath towel you are choosing. Of course, we do not want a towel that does not serve its purpose of drying your body after a great shower. 

If you want a soft and super absorbent towel in your household, you might consider buying towels with dense velvety loops. 


The density of the towel is also a good factor to consider when choosing the towel that suits your needs. 

If you are looking for a bath towel that gets the job done, look for towels with a GSM between 600-900. Varying GSMs of fabrics perform different functions so it is important that you lookout for this element in your bath towel. 

Kinza Bath Towels: Bathroom Essential 

If your further need some narrowing done, we are glad to help you by giving you the most favorable option if you look for functionality and the luxurious vibe in your own bathrooms.

Kinza is the World’s first spa luxury towel brand that seeks to help you add value to your bathrooms at home. 

They are based and Singapore and are built around highly motivated and intensive experimentation and crafting. Their mission is to bring luxuriously comfortable towels with the help of revolutionized technologies used for towel production. 

It is worthy to take note that Kinza towels are made out of 100{df3109fe3d485038c5632666294ebcd55fcb160d9f0489aa27151815685505ff} MōSō Bamboo fiber, directly sourced from Japan, which explains the premium quality of their product that will surely leave you in awe, like any other who have used it. 

Gentle on Skin

As Kinza towels are made out of bamboo fibers that have a high thread count, it fulfills their promise of being gentle on everyone’s skin. 

Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic which makes them highly suitable even for the delicate skin of infants. Kinza towels are also a great alternative if you suffer allergic reactions and sensitivities when using towels made out of synthetic fibers. 

Additionally, Kinza towels have antibacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth on the towel surface and may cause a funky smell or bacteria-related infections. This property is distinctly present in bamboo fibers and not in any other towels made out of other materials. 

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

It is worth mentioning that bamboo fiber production is one of the most sustainable methods of fiber production. This means that Kinza Towels are to be considered as one of the most sustainable towels anybody could have. 

Unlike cotton production that requires harmful pesticides, bamboo towels are made with lesser effort and do not require tending as a cotton plant does. 

Hence, Kinza towels are perfect for young adults that seek to help our nature in any way and at the same time, plan to have the most luxurious bathing experience every single day. 

Soft and Durable 

Kinza towels have made sure to bring you both comfort and durability in one with their bath towels. 

With the 100{df3109fe3d485038c5632666294ebcd55fcb160d9f0489aa27151815685505ff} MōSō Bamboo material used in towel production, they have ensured the satisfying softness a towel could ever have. At the same time, Kinza towels use twisted yarn weave, to ensure maximum durability during every use. 

Kinza towels are pilling and shrinkage-resistant, making them a great addition to your bathroom. 

Quick-Drying and High Absorbency 

If you are looking for the most basic function of towels, Kinza towels definitely does the job. 

With its proprietary technology, Kinza towels dry up 3 times faster than any regular towel available in the market, and with the MōSō Bamboo fibers, you are ensured that the towel is competitively absorbent, capable of absorbing seven times its weight in water.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Concluding Thoughts 

Overall, If you are one of many young adults that seek to have quality in everything they need, then Kinza bath towels are worth the try. 

Yes, it may come with a very hefty price but you will never regret the luxurious feeling you’ll be adding to your bathroom as this product stand with its promise of bringing the most relaxing spa experience into the comforts of your home.

For those who wants to get their hands on these towels, simply present this code (JOY10) upon purchase to receive a 10{df3109fe3d485038c5632666294ebcd55fcb160d9f0489aa27151815685505ff} discount today.