Online Real Estate Rental Agency

Online Real Estate Rental Agency

Renting an apartment or house can be very time-consuming for a landlord. And once the tenant has settled in, the landlord is not safe from defaulting on rent payments, possible damage, or any kind of dispute.

Online real estate rental agency: what services does it offer to the owner?

You own an apartment or a house and wish to rent it? Once you have determined the profile of your ideal tenant, the online real estate rental agency will take care of finding a person who corresponds to your expectations.

It supports :

  • the drafting and distribution of the rental advertisement on its real estate platform and/or on other platforms. A service that also includes the taking of photos of the property by a professional photographer;
  • the organization of the visits;
  • the selection of the deposited files;
  • the realization of the inventory of fixtures;
  • the drafting and signing of the lease;
  • the sending of the rent receipts;
  • the management of any problems that may arise during the rental period (non-payment, the intervention of a craftsman…).

The online real estate rental agency can also advise you and accompany you during all the steps, such as estimating the amount of rent for your property.

But beware, the missions entrusted vary according to the type of offer subscribed to, a management mandate generally allows you to delegate all the tasks previously mentioned.

How is an online real estate rental agency useful for a tenant?

An online real estate rental agency brings together many properties for rent on a single platform. The ads are presented in a standardized way, allowing tenants to search for properties according to the criteria of their choice, such as :

  • the amount of the rent ;
  • the surface in Carrez law;
  • the location;
  • the number of rooms;
  • or the exhibition.

The online real estate rental agency can also help tenants put together a file that can be used to apply for several offers to rent apartments or houses.

What are the advantages of an online real estate rental agency?

Like online real estate agencies specialized in the sale of goods, the majority of services offered by online real estate rental agencies are dematerialized. Most of the steps can therefore be carried out remotely.

Another advantage of the online real estate rental agency: its fees! Not having physical agencies, it can reduce their costs and offer lower rates representing 3 to 6{df3109fe3d485038c5632666294ebcd55fcb160d9f0489aa27151815685505ff} of the rent on average, compared to 6 to 10{df3109fe3d485038c5632666294ebcd55fcb160d9f0489aa27151815685505ff} for a traditional agency.

Online Rental Agency: saving time and efficiency for landlords
The online real estate rental agency offer a series of benefits to the owner that allows :

  • to relieve them of tedious and often time-consuming tasks (organization of visits, the inventory of fixtures of entry and exit …), most of them can be done remotely ;
  • to help them quickly find the best possible tenant, according to their criteria;
  • to take charge of the legal and administrative procedures: drafting of rental leases, organization of the mandatory diagnoses to be provided to the tenant… ;
  • to give them the benefit of real estate expertise and personalized support (estimation of the amount of the rent…);
  • to propose advantageous insurance rates (non-occupant owner’s insurance (PNO), unpaid rent guarantee (GLI)…) ;

What are the advantages of the online real estate rental agency for tenants?

The online real estate rental agency also has advantages for the tenants:

  • by centralizing rental offers on the same platform;
  • by playing the role of intermediary between him and the owner, contributing to fluidify the exchanges between the two parties;
  • by saving time, since these agencies only show a property to tenants whose file has been studied and validated by the owner;
  • by allowing him to find a rental even if he is not on site thanks to the dematerialization of services (online validation of the file, virtual visit of the property, remote signing of the lease …).

Concretely, how does an online real estate rental agency work?

Concerning the rental advertisement, “we mandate professionals who take 360-degree photos and commented on videos, focusing on the details of the apartment or house in order to restore the most faithful image possible”. The landlord does not need to travel to make each visit and a tenant can visit the property.

Most of the steps can then be carried out from the platform, accessible by the lessor and his tenant. As a real estate manager, the company also offers other services such as the possibility to mandate a trusted craftsman in case of a problem (water leak) and to validate the estimate online.

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